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Image by Davey Gravy

NorthStar Liquor Superstore

Why You Should Choose
Northern Colorado's Revolutionary Choice for Wine, Beer, And Spirits

After seeing the lack of attention most Colorado liquor stores paid to their loyal patrons, we were driven to create something better. Something exciting. Something intoxicating.

Established in an effort to change the way you visit your local liquor store, Northstar Liquor Superstore in Johnstown is the region’s newest and most comprehensive retail liquor store, offering wide-ranging and high-quality choices in wine, beer and liquor of all types.

Bolstered by a passion for and appreciation of liquor and spirits from around the world, our founders established Northstar to be the answer to routine liquor store frustrations. By working hard to avoid the traditional problems of limited stock, limited choices and limited knowledge, the Northstar team goes above and beyond to ensure your liquor store run provides you with the variety you expect and the satisfaction you deserve. Our liquor store staff strives to make sure your experience with us is unique by listening carefully to your needs, providing educated recommendations and answering all of your liquor, beer, and wine questions with expertise.

From party basics to limited edition selections, from seasonal beer releases to “sipping brandy,” there is sure to be a variety or vintage that suits your hosting needs perfectly. At Northstar Liquor Superstore, we are your friendly guides to the liquor, beer and wine universe.

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